Non-Surgical Weight Loss Treatment Options From a Medspa

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Fat is something medspa treatments aim to help eliminate, especially in certain areas of the body. There are some deposits that diet and exercise alone cannot seem to reduce. In the past, surgical intervention may have been the only choice. As technology has evolved, however, new methods of noninvasive fat treatment have sprung up, and medical spas are happy to offer them on the menu of available services. Take some time to consider the most popular batch of fat-trimming alternatives.

How targeting fat without surgery works

Fat cells, especially unsightly cellulite, are made up of mostly water. When these deposits are heated or cooled, the cells start to break down. Heating melts the fat while freezing the cells works to break them down to allow for absorption by the body. Neither method is particularly painful, although laser therapy may cause more discomfort during the procedure. Once the cells are gone, the fatty deposit disappears, leaving only smooth skin behind. Noninvasive treatments do not work to tighten skin, and each takes repeat trips to the medical spa to prove effective.

Medspa noninvasive weight loss treatment options

Medical spas have been springing up all over and provide an overall body improvement and wellness option. They focus on rejuvenating the body using massage, natural peels and vitamin treatments. Shape Magazine reports that these facilities also they offer some of the most popular noninvasive fat busting methods around.


The most popular and performed noninvasive weight loss treatment performed is CoolSculpting®. The procedure freezes fat cells until they eventually disappear. The mild side effects include tingling and pressure at the treated area. Bruising may also occur temporarily. This method targets fatty regions all over the body and is most effective when repeated at least twice.


Laser therapy is a popular means of targeting fat cells. At a medspa, the Zerona method uses cold lasers to combat fat deposits in any area of the body. It is considered one of the least uncomfortable procedures performed for fat reduction. No notable side effects have been reported. A course consists of three treatments a week for two weeks.


Vanquish uses radio frequencies at high levels to melt fat. This treatment can be used on more extensive parts of the body at a time, so one treatment can cover much more surface area, resulting in fewer sessions. Some customers develop lumps in the treated areas that usually go away quickly. Treatment frequency varies, but the average is about two to three sessions per body area.


Fatty deposits in the thighs and buttocks tend to linger, even with diligent exercise. VelaShape™ can help reduce cellulite by contouring the body using infrared technology combined with suctioning and rollers. Some customers report mild discomfort and temporary bruising. The procedure's effects are temporary, and repeat sessions are advised.


When it comes to the quest to eradicate body fat, a medspa may have the means to help. Using a combination of technology and natural methods, the deposits that have plagued your bottom may be a thing of the past.

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